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Russia 2.5 ¢
China 0.7 ¢
Spain 0.9 ¢
Russia Moscow 0.6 ¢
Russia St. Petersburg 0.6 ¢
Thailand 0.8 ¢
Thailand Bangkok 0.8 ¢
Taiwan 0.7 ¢
United States 0.6 ¢
France 1.1 ¢
U.K. 0.6 ¢
Germany 0.6 ¢
Vietnam 2.9 ¢
Mexico 5.0 ¢
Philippines 9.1 ¢
Hong Kong 0.7 ¢
Colombia 3.0 ¢
Greece 1.1 ¢
India 1.1 ¢
Brazil 1.4 ¢
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No Connection Fee
Many States Local Access# Available
• Canada Toronto, Montreal Local# Available
China: 1400 Mins, Vietnam: 76 Mins
• Argentina 1.6¢ B.A. 1.1¢ Taiwan 1.6¢
• Japan 2.1¢ Canada 1.1¢ Greece 3.2¢
• Israel 2.1¢ India 11.2¢,Iran 7.9
• Brazil 3.8¢ Mexico 4.7¢ Russia 3.2¢
• US 1.1¢ Peru 6.3¢ Nigeria Lagos 4.7
• 1.5¢to most Europe countries!!
• Low Rate to all over the world

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General InformationAccess NumbersRate Tables
Dialing Instruction

To enable PINLESS (ADD ANI) function, just follow the next 3 steps:

  1. Dial access number (Toll Free or Local Access)

  2. Enter your PIN number, press #15##

  3. When prompted enter your destination number

Be careful if you are using your cell making the call, please do not press "SEND" on your keypad, or else you will be charged directly by your cell phone company.

Next time you dial any access number from this phone you will no longer need to enter pin #.

To disable PINLESS (REMOVE ANI) function, just follow the next 2 steps:

  1. Dial any access number (Toll Free or Local Access) from this phone

  2. Press #16##

The PINLESS function (ANI) is now removed

Note: when you entering different pin, it will override this one

We provide 1421 Local Access Numbers covered 29 States.

Call can made from Canada Toranto, Moutreal, Ottawa and Vancouver:
Access Number for Toronto, Canada: 1-647-722-0326
Access Number for Montreal, Canada: 1-514-448-4100
Access Number for Ottawa, Canada: 1-613-482-6380
Access Number for Vancouver, Canada: 1-604-484-3705

When using the following 800 Toll Free Number:
1-800-450-8828 or 1-866-460-5719, 1 cent high per minute(China 822 mins)
This toll free access number work from most big cities.
Please dial this number, Make sure NOT BLOCK from your calling area.

Cellular phone user who has Unlimited Night and Weekend Minutes
can call these listed Local access numbers

Dial Access Number
1. Enter your pin No.
2. To call within the United States, to Canada:
Enter 1 + area code + tele No.
To call other country:
Enter 011 + country code + city code + tele No.
Expiration Expires 3 months after first use.
Customer Service
Notes No Connection fee. 1 minute rounding. 18% FCC Tax
Minute Information assumes the entire card is used on a single call.
Calls to international cellular phone are billed at much higher rates.
79 cents per call will applied by using public payphone
$0.69 weekly Maintenance fee will apply after first use.
Toll free # is not Good for Canada, Hawaii and Alaska customers
No refund after purchase, Rate subject to change without notice.

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